Defy the Lies

A Seminar For High School & College Students (and Their Parents)

What: The all new Defy the Lies talk is based off of Coach Griffith's brand new ministry, which can be found at
His updated moral excellence and 'Love Waits' talk is already having a significant impact in the lives of our youth. The short of it is... that we live at a critical point in human history as we are witnessing a dramatic shift in our national culture with the hostile takeover of our moral standards and a full blown assault against sexual purity. We are beginning to see the fallout from this culture war with a dramatic rise in STI's, suicide, porn addiction and self medication. We see through the decline of marriage and gender confusion the world is becoming an increasingly difficult place to maintain biblical standards of morality. Preparing young people to live pure and holy lives in today's increasingly impure world is perhaps the greatest challenge facing parents and students alike in 2019! Thus Defy the Lies is here to come alongside parents to help equip, challenge and provide real practical steps towards victory.

Topics covered: Defy the Lies (exposing the three biggest lies Christians believe about sexual sin), The Case for Moral Excellence (How Parents and Students can be successful in today's sex crazed culture)

Defy the Lies the New Case for Moral Excellence – with Griffith Vertican
This is a special optional lecture held at Damascus Road Church, 4011 81st Pl NE, Marysville, WA from 6:30 PM to 8:30 PM on Tuesday, July 30th. Ice Cream Included. We welcome donations for student attendance. If this is not affordable for you, please come anyway.

Cost: Donations welcome
Parents are FREE! (Please register though, so we know how many to expect.)

Who: all students, singles (college and career) and parents

How to register: go to the student checkout and you will see an option to add this series.

About the Seminar:

Griffith Vertican is the 2007 National Champion in collegiate debate (NPDA), a licensed attorney, and currently serves as the head coach of one of the largest debate clubs in California; but his greatest passion is challenging students to defy the lies of our culture and pursue moral excellence.

This seminar includes biblical references and cutting edge research with compelling evidence that is geared to address skeptics’ questions about the veracity of biblical morality. Griffith will deal with often distorted or ignored issues relating to sexual purity and looks at why waiting for marriage makes sense both biblically and scientifically.

FAQ's about Griffith's seminar:
1. What's the purpose? The purpose is to challenge young people to honor the Lord in the area of boyfriend-girlfriend relationships and moral purity.
2. What is the focus? My talk will focus on how to be successful in the waiting game, the dangers of not waiting, and will include practical advice for avoiding temptation and how to pursue moral excellence.
3. Are parents invited? I purposely invite and encourage parents to attend. My hope is that my talk will create a springboard for further discussion and provide an excellent resource for parents to continue the conversation and prepare for battle in trench warfare of daily life.
4. Why do you talk on this topic? Because I believe it is such a critically vital topic that ripples out into every area of a young person's emotional, physical and spiritual health. Television and the internet is filled with misinformation and out right deception when it comes to teens and sex, so my intention is to seek to set the record straight and defend what the Bible teaches about sex as still relevant and desperately needed.